suede finish painting

Suede Paint

Faux Suede can be applied in many different techniques to achieve different patterns. Suede finish is a great look for a living room, dining room, hotel room, office, etc. This finish is not recommended for higher traffic areas such as children’s room, since it is very fragile can become dirty easily and is not washable . The Suede paint is more expensive than the average latex paint but this finish for walls can be achieved best by using the Ralph Lauren suede paint, sold in most of the Benjamin Moore paint stores in New York City, Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. The application is very complicated especially when applying in large areas, since all of the edges need to remain wet while working with the paint and it is applied in only 2-3 square foot at one time. Faux suede will add warmth and a matte texture and goes perfect with any traditional or modern style. We at Interior Painting New York are specialized in the application of the Suede paint and other textured finishes. Please call us for a free estimate or simply fill-out our Painting Estimate New York form. 

Ralph Lauren Suede paint finish applied in Forest Hills home in Queens, NY