strie painting technique

    Strie, coming from the French word meaning striate or stripe, this popular technique is a great way to achieve a slightly striped or streaked appearance.  The Strie technique can transform a wall, paneling or door in any room adding a linen or fabric like texture.  If you don’t want the hassle & cost of hanging wallpaper, applying a strie technique is a perfect alternative.
This look can be achieved by dragging a dry paint brush through an almost dried glaze finish.  To avoid a patterned look, it’s best to overlap this method while working around the room.  This technique can create a light stripe effect or more deep lines by the amount of pressure added while dragging dry paint brush or steel-wool through the glazed finish.  This is a Faux finish technique that will change the look of any room its applied to. Strie technique is one of the most common faux finishing techniques used on kitchen cabinets.