sponge painting ragging

Sponging is another easy to do faux painting technique that uses a natural sea sponge to create a sun-dappled effect. This is a great way to add depth and texture to any surface.  After a base coat has been applied, the second coat, a glaze coat or metallic, will be then applied using the natural sea sponge.  For beginners, it’s best to start small and test out your technique on drywall first.  It’s best to work diagonally across the wall using a technique of twisting your wrist in between each dab to avoid a patterned look.  Using a small piece of the sponge works well on hard to reach corners.

Ragging - Faux Painting

Ragging is very similar to sponging on, except a rag is used to give this effect.  Using a rag to add texture and depth to the wall is an inexpensive way to add a faux finish and change the surface of the space your are painting.  There are different ways to achieve this effect, possibly the easiest would be to work the rag around the roller and use rubber bands to hold it in place, then work the rag around the walls with the roller.  This is a simple way to add extra style and texture to any room.When thinking on decorating kids rooms, applying painted stripes on the living room, hallway etc, the first think that comes in the mind of the decorator is the sponging or ragging techniques. When imitating marble effects on walls or painted wood, moldings etc, Sponging or ragging techniques are perfect for a variety of finishes like: distressed texture, fabric-like texture, stone effects, leather like texture, old world etc. As many other faux finishing techniques, sponging or ragging techniques are applied in-top of a base coat.

The sponging technique includes the sponge-on and sponge-off, the ragging technique includes the rag-off and rag-on. A mixture of tinted glaze and metallic paint can create amazing effects with these applications. If yo u are planing to use any of these techniques in your project, give us a call or fill-out or free estimate form so we can setup an appointment and provide you with a free estimate.