metallic paints finishes

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Finishes - Gold

Looking to add a little sparkle to your room?  Metallic paint, also known as polychromatic or “metal flake” paint is widely used on small painting projects from decorative items to automobiles & bicycles.  There are different variations of this type of paint, some have a metallic silver base, others may be pearlescent paint effects where the color can appear different depending on the angle and intensity of the light.

Metallic paints are an easy way to add extra sheen and shimmer to a room, whether small decorative accents such as picture frames, decorative fireplaces and coffee tables are often partially painted with metallic paint or have a gold, silver or cooper touch. Sponging a metallic paint over a solid color wall or ceiling to add depth and maybe a modern look. Metallic paint can be used on almost every interior and exterior painted surface with the right transparent protection material or varnish. The metallic paints or powders are known for their ability to imitate or create different metal finishes like: Gold, Silver, Cooper, Bronze, antique brass finish etc. The use, combinations, and creativity are limitless when working with these materials. When glaze is combined with metallic paint and tints applied in-top of a painted base-coat, is can be applied in almost every possible way that one can imagine i.e. rolled, brushed, rag-off or rag-onStrie, sponged etc.

Gold painted dome. House located in Queens, NY

X Pattern Brushed Gold Paint

Brushed Gold Paint X Pattern - Nassau, Long Island, NY

Brushed metallic gold paint on walls using X pattern application technique. 

When Metallic paint is combined with Venetian stucco like Marmorino or stucco lucido /eneziano, it can create amazing finishes in walls and ceilings.  Highly recommended finishes are Venetian plaster pearl, Venetian plaster Champagne as shown in the picture below where Interior Painting New York applied it on the walls of the stairway in a Long Island house. It is impossible to find the right words to describe the beauty of this finish or to compare it to another finish or material since it is very unique. As you can see in the same image the stairway railing was painted with gold paint.

Textured Venetian Plaster With Gold & Pearl Effects

Metallics are a great go-to paint to use when applying faux finishing techniques. If you are interested on this finish and would like to have it in your hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, store or office we would be very happy to come to your place and show you the actual sample-board with this Venetian plaster metallic finish and many more, also provide you with a free estimate. Looking to add a little sparkle to your room? Call us today or fill-out our painting estimate NY located at the top of this page and a representative and a representative will contact you shortly.

Textured Venetian Plaster in gold finish
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