Marbleizing or faux marbling is the preparation and finishing of a surface to imitate the appearance of polished marble. It is often used in places where genuine marble can’t be installed because of heavy weight, high cost, or simply for making a painted surface look like polished marble. Most of the marbleizing techniques are achieved by applying different color glaze layers to create marble stone effects and/or marble veins in-top of a base-coat.

Marble is a timeless classic and popular intradutional & contemporary decor. It is also a favorite faux finish and one of the most popular decorative finishes today. Faux marble if done correctly by a profferional can look like the real thing without the expensive costs of true marble. Creating a marble effect produces amazing visual results and will have people if it is real or faux. With the correct amount of paint and glazes, this beautiful decorative technique can achieve an outstanding look for any space in your home. Marbleizing effects work great on panneling as well and certanly will add a touch of class to any space

Even though glazing is known to be the best material for marbleizing techniques, beautiful natural marble effects can be achieved also by using Venetian plaster. The application of the Venetian plaster to create faux marble is completely different from the application used for painted marble. The finish, texture and depth of the polished Venetian plaster can not be replaced with any other painting material.

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