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NYC Gilders - Gold Leaf Installation Estimate

Gilding is a decorative painting technique that is well-known throughout history.  Precious metals such as gold have been used to add a beautiful finish to various surfaces in many NYC historical buildings. Most of us are familiar with silver & gold leaf and know that it can add a lustrous metallic finish wherever it is applied.  There are several methods of gilding, like gold, silver and other metallic paints that are made of real metal particles or powders added to a clear medium.  

The most common is metal leaf gilding. Using thin sheets of metallic leafs that have been made of metals pressed down or hammered to make these extremely thin and light weight metal sheets. The application is a delicate process, that requires a lot of patience, precision & skill. Decorating with gold, silver, copper and other metal leafs is a beautiful way to embellish areas in your home decor, creating depth, texture and a surface that looks rich & classic. 

Our Professional Gilding Services

Our NYC gilding specialists will install metallic leaf or do gilding repairs at your location regardless of how big or small the job is at any location in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Long Island, New York. We will repair and professionally restore damaged gilding, antique and historical buildings, match unusual metallic leaf colors, and metallic paint effects. We also do gilding on furniture, painting or picture frames, and decorative accents at our shop. If you would like to know how much gilding cost for your project, give us a call or request a gold leaf installation estimate below and we will get back to you shortly to setup an appointment to give you the best price for gilding or best option for your needs. 

Why Hire Our Company for your Gilding Project

Making a perfect gilding job, is not only important to hire a professional gilder, but it is also important to make sure that the right texture is available or is to be applied to achieve the finish you want. Because we are a decorative painting company, we focus great attention on surface preparation and have workman that are specialized on it, giving the gilding artist the perfect surface for the application, which is a key factor in achieving the finish you desire, all in one package deal. 

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