Q&A Tips For Interior Renovation Projects To Run Smoothly

A. Yes, our company is registered New York State Corporation in good standing. The company carries workers’ comp and liability insurance as required by law and all other requirements required by law.

A: Yes we provide free estimate and consultation.

A: Depending on the type of service required. To save each-other’s time we prefer that the potential client sends us images and as much info as possible at our email: or schedules a video meeting for a walk through introducing us to the project. All you’ll need handy is maybe a measuring tape and a smartphone with a video chat enabled – WhatsApp works just fine, but we can use other platforms at the client’s preference. If Needed we can schedule a meeting in person.

A: No, you do not have to pay any money then. We will prepare a proposal which automatically turns into a contract if both parties agree, which will include work description and payment plan. However, a deposit is required before we start work.

A: It’s all relative, every job is unique. A regular two bedroom apartment will take approx 2-5 days, but larger houses may take about 2-3 weeks and some projects take even years to be completed.

A. In the recent years as less people like to deal with paint dust and fumes to do what we do, there is high demand for what we do and because of that we spend a lot of time visiting job sites, providing free estimates (can’t charge for estimates, no one does and we wont stand a chance to show our work) indirectly increasing our expenses and our prices which is to pass on to the next potential client in an attempt to meet our quarterly or yearly income expectations. Average potential clients that find it unbelievable that contractors are so expensive and often unaffordable, keep shopping around in search of the affordable contractor and usually end up hiring the contractor that is hiring undocumented daily workers for cash witch makes it impossible to maintain a painting company in good standing and indirectly forcing all contractors to do the same. We try to provide competitive  pricing for the best interior painting service, and attempt to match or beat any reasonable written proposal.

A: We only use the best premium paint for the Job, the paints we use are paints we have been using for many years and they have been proven over time to be more than suitable for the task. We will use a product that is suitable to the project, durable that meets the client’s quality expectations. For our own safety and that of the clients we try to use the most Eco friendly and lowest VOC paints we can find.

A: I am on all jobs working and supervising all aspects of the project most of the time. Although it is not always possible to be there 100% of the time, because we are only a small interior painting business and ongoing quotes are a continuous duty of mine. 

A: We guarantee satisfaction within reason on all jobs for 3 years, but as NYC houses and apartments get older every day and more layers of paint are being added to the surface, more structural problems, more bumps and cracks reach for the surface with age, it’s hard to guarantee that our beautiful work will remain fresh the same 5 years past the day the work was done.

A: No reason to panic, houses are so complex and although we are very thorough, sometimes touch ups are inevitable and meaning of “quality expectations” can be different no matter how much we try to put ourselves on the same page with the client explaining through verbal and documented communication. We cannot run over to your house at the moment you spot a needed touch up, so what the best thing to do is make a list as you find any and then send the list to us to arrange services. We will make sure they are done to your satisfaction.

A: Over the years we have found this is what people naturally do! All this does to us is makes us think that the customer is unwilling or unable to pay, creating an uncomfortable work environment. We have been in business for many years and have no intention running away on a little miss. Usually after leaving your property we have started the next job and it is inconvenient to drop the new job and a new customer to rush over and fix a miss or worrying trying to figure out the intent behind the demand. Driving around from one place to another in NYC traffic during work hours is very time consuming and not efficient in any way. We will fix it, it could take a couple of days. Instead of demanding we immediately drop everything and rush over to spend 1 minute touching up behind a door before you decide to hand over the check, try to be as reasonable, rational and as helpful as you can managing work and payment. Satisfaction Is a two way thing.