DIY vs Hiring Painting Companies

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We all know that painting our own house, apartment, room or office can be fun and entertaining, but do we really want to do it? We ask ourselves, can i do it? What if i try just one room, will it cost me less? I see all over on the TV commercials “do it yourself”, must be easy. And the answer is yes, you can do it. You don’t need to be a painting expert to paint one room, but painting is a job and as every other job it requires skills and abilities.

Not trying to discourage you to not do it, but what if after the two coats of paint are applied and just when the surface is about to dry, you find out that the finish did not come uniform, there are brush or roller marks. This was not the result you were expecting from a brand new painted room, was it? Then you look around checking how much paint is left to maybe give another coat. What if this next coat does not come out good again, then what?

Even for the NYC professional painters when it comes to perfection, there is almost no guarantee that the outcome will be perfect, but a professional painter would know better what to do at any given situation. There are many factors that effect the results of a painting job like i.e: the prep work – patching holes and cracks sanding and cleaning, choosing the right roll for the texture, sharp, straight and non-messy cuttings, humidity, room temperature, speed of application, timing combinations between rolling and cutting corners etc. A professional painter should naturally know these factors and use this knowledge when needed to assure that there wont be any major imperfections when the paint is dried.

You see often on the TV commercials and online DiY instructions saying: Faux finishing “do it yourself”, Venetian Plaster “do it yourself”, you name it”do it yourself” and it can be done, you can do it too, but it requires practice, a lot of practice. It is easy to make a sample on a sample-board as they will show in a class or video, but it is a completely different experience when using that same technique on a big wall corner to corner. Most of the faux finishing techniques when applied on large walls, require team work. The partners should know each-other’s work and application before applying any paint or glazing on walls. There is no time to talk about it when wet paint is on the wall, the paint will not ask for permission to dry. And no doubt there is a big satisfaction when all goes well or a huge disappointment if things go wrong.

These and other difficulties make interior painting not as simple as it looks. But, again these are skills and most of the skills can be learned, it all depends on your abilities and will. If you feel like it’s hard for you to do it your self, give NYC painters a call and we will be glad to help.