decorative painting ideas

Decorative Painting Ideas and techniques

Interior Painting & Decorating For Every Room

By using decorative painting techniques, you can create the room of your dreams on any budget.  Here are some ideas using these techniques by room:

  • Nursery & Children’s Room:

Murals are perfect for nurseries & children’s spaces.  The use of soft colors to create a mural, such as light blue or pink can create a calming setting in your baby’s room.  Whimsical scenery, soft animals, flowers & butterflies can create a whole new space for your little one.

Children have great imaginations, and what better to inspire them and grow their interests with a mural with their favorite characters or scenes.  Little girls tend to love princess castles, butterflies and kittens.  Cars, boats and sports are well suited for boys rooms.  You could use decorative painting contractor nyc techniques for a few simple accents on the wall to a complete scene out of a fairy tale.

  • Living Room:

Looking to create a cozier feel to this room?  The living room is a perfect place for the family to meet and relax together.  Choosing the right painting technique can change the mood of the room.  There are many techniques to create something that fits into your personal style & décor.  While color preference and style differ person to person, choosing the right texture can add a lot of warmth and comfort to this room.

For modern styles, a strie technique can be used to create fine stripes, almost like fabric, this can be as subtle or apparent as you want it to be.  More old world styles can be complimented using an distressing effect to give the walls the look of aging and wear.

  • Dining Room:

A great way to add a touch of elegance to your dining room would be harlequin diamonds.Creating these subtle shapes is a great way to create a more classy appearance. Using a touch of soft metallic paint can make the room light up, and using any complimenting metallic with the harlequin diamonds can give an expensive look to any dining room.

  • Kitchen:

There are so many ways to highlight your kitchen with decorative painting.  Stencils are extremely popular and are usually painted in areas above a sink or stove or bordering windows or an entryway.  Something as simple as stenciling ivy along the border can add a nice country feel to your cooking space.  For more modern tastes, creating a marble effect can tie the entire kitchen together.  Adding a glaze on top of a marble effect can bring out the artistry in the “marble” and also gives it a more realistic touch.

  • Office Space:

Faux finishing painter  techniques are great for this space.  Sponging can be done very subtly or heavy according to preference.  Both of these techniques add texture and depth to an otherwise typically flat space.  Developing an office environment that is refreshing with a little extra design value using color and texture can really go a long way.  Not only does it look professional, it also adds more interest to the space.