Creative Ways To Display Your Art

Creative Ways To Display Your Art

When you’re choosing art for your home, it pays to think about the many creative ways you can display your art. You don’t have to simply hang a painting on a wall. Why not present your art in a surprising way that brings out the artistry within YOU?

For example, you can buy decorative shelves now that contain little frames under the base. This allows you to put small photographs or paintings within the picture frames and place related curios on the shelf above the pictures. You can hang small pictures on the side of bookshelves or alongside one another close to the ceiling above molding instead of hanging wallpaper trim.

You can also buy or make mattings that will contain more than one small picture in the same frame. This is an innovative but simple way to display your art.

If you have a staircase, try hanging your art in a diagonal down the wall next to the stairs. Hang your art in a group, along with plaques or a clock.

One thing to watch out for is too much uniformity. Interior designers recommend that you vary your frames. You can even hang several different types of frames together and place your art in an interesting asymmetrical grouping on your wall. Look for different colored frames and mats, different shapes of frames, mixing ovals with rectangular and square frames.

Another unusual way to display art is to fill an entire wall with small themed photographs or paintings. For example, you might decide to fill the wall with art relating to ballroom dance , which is a very popular art subject today. Remember, once again, to vary the frames. You might choose two or three different frames that you like and alternate them on the wall.

If you like floral art, why not group flower paintings with a dried or silk flower wreath? If you choose your colors wisely, this is a stunning design statement. There is an unimaginable amount of floral art available. Garden paintings look beautiful with wreaths, or place paintings of tropical plants next to your potted palm tree.

Art can also enhance the size and colors of your home. Think carefully about this as you choose your artwork, frames, and mat colors. If you have a small room, for example, you can make it look larger by hanging a pastel-colored landscape that has a lot of depth. Don’t match colors too much, but think in terms of which colors go well together.

Canvas transfer art is a huge trend in art sales today. This is a process where the original artwork is transferred directly onto canvas and then stapled onto a wood frame without a border.

These paintings look amazingly like the originals, and you can hang them without an extra frame or simply prop them up against the wall or a piece of furniture. Canvas transfer art is readily available on many websites.

Have fun when choosing and hanging your art work. Use your imagination, and don’t be afraid to experiment or do something surprising.

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